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You know, I didn't think the title of that last post was going to be quite so prophetic. ^^; Actually, Kamui's hair didn't take two weeks although Keiichi's did, but getting my lineart cleaned up and colored had me working on my fanbook submission almost up to the deadline. I'm glad now that I was actively at it every day since about the beginning of the month -- it didn't cut down on the stress toward the end, but the results are much better than they would have been if I'd waited and tried to do it, say, the week before it was due. I'll post the finished pic sometime in the next few days.

While I worked, I added "Project Runway" to my usual background noise rotation of nonstop George Romero zombie movies, and now I'm looking forward to the new season even more. "The Fashion Show" wasn't a bad stopgap, but it didn't have near the fun, whimsy, and heart of PR. It's like Bravo thought it would be enough to copy the meanness and bitchery without anything to leaven it. To a degree, it works -- I didn't stop watching until the final runway show -- but I can't imagine buying the DVDs or ever wanting to rewatch season one. I'll give season two a shot, if there is a season two, but here's hoping there's a massive retooling in-between. (Tom and Lorzeno's suggestions are typically spot-on.) I will say: generally loved Isaac, loved the mini-challenges as a concept if not always in execution, and I still covet that yellow coat that inexplicably got Merlin booted. I really wonder how things would have shaken out for these designers if they'd made PR. I don't begrudge Anna her win (the clothes weren't bad, and she seemed nice), but James Paul's collection was more innovative, and my favorite was Reco's. (I also liked his work throughout the season, that pink/purple dress at the end notwithstanding...)

Just out of curiosity, anybody on my FL read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? If so, favorite characters/parts? Mine would be Joseph and (perhaps unsurprisingly) "Battle Tendency," but I've got a soft spot for Phantom Blood, pretty much the entire cast of Diamond is Unbreakable, and of course, Dio (particularly in "Phantom Blood," "Steel Ball Run," and the OVAs*). I'm enjoying the inspired lunacy of SBR, and remain impressed that Araki could turn a shounen fighting/adventure series into a seinen horse-racing manga and make it WORK.

* Maybe it's because I saw the OVAs first, but I actually don't enjoy Dio as much in the Stardust Crusaders manga. (Which I think is also one of the weaker parts art-wise, since Araki is just starting to draw fight scenes with Stands instead of characters using the Ripple directly, and it takes him a while to get back to the exaggerated poses and constant vogueing.)


Dec. 27th, 2009 01:26 am (UTC)
Though I don't think I'm on your Friends list, I'm a ravenous fan of Jojo, and thought it was magical when I finally figured out who that character in the Jojo hat was in all those CLAMP Labratory crossover images. I'm still not all the way through Diamond is Unbreakable or Vento Aureo, but my favorite art was in Battle Tendency (which struck me as the most macho/ridiculous) and Stone Ocean (way over the top, if a little less clear). Phantom Blood is the segment I've read the most though, I love just how insane the story seems in that relatively serious setting. The thing that I think I like the most about it is the way he just keeps writing it, and it all makes sense and is mostly consistent. I still get a big kick out of how he went back in time for Steel Ball Run and made it work, and how different and still awesome that story is.

I've always liked your artwork and X/PoT ramblings. I was happy to see that you hadn't disappeared entirely, I'm always delighted when people I remember e-lurking are still around and still liking the same things after so many years.

And I feel lame saying this with my fake account and current avatar and all (I use this account to lurk amongst fic writers), but have you ever read the manga series From Eroica With Love? I'm sure you've probably heard of it, but if you haven't read it, you may really get into it based on the little I know from reading your various posts over the years (which is kind of creepy, I'm sorry). It's about a gay English art thief and an angry German NATO spy that keep meeting in odd European locales on different missions and tormenting one another in the most extreme and hilarious ways. It's 70s shoujo and still runs to this day, though her artwork has gone downhill in the past 15 years or so. I've never read anything quite so funny, snarky, and intentionally slashy. The English publisher does an excellent job with the dialogue, too. If you haven't read it, I would skip the first volume/three chapters, since they ran in a different magazine and are terrible and completely unrelated to the rest of the series.

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